2015 Workshop Descriptions

2015 Common Cents Workshop Descriptions

  • Affordable Care Act Survival Kit – The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities developed the “Affordable Care Act Survival Kit” specifically for VITA and TCE sites, which provides step-by-step instructions and tips on how to complete the ACA-related tax return forms using TaxWise and combines what volunteer tax preparers need to know about the ACA into one tool. Share your experiences from the recent tax season and strategize ways to better prepare clients and your program. PRESENTATION

  • Schedule A, filing statuses, and deductions, oh my! – The tax code and people’s complex lives rarely fit together perfectly. This is particularly true for immigrant taxpayers and older adults. Learn tips and decision trees to “decode” how to choose the proper filing statuses, exemptions, and itemized deductions. Bring your challenging tax situations or questions for immediate advice from other partners. PRESENTATION

  • The taxes are done, now what? – Providing high quality, free tax preparation takes an incredible amount of staff time and resources and it can be difficult to think about offering additional financial security services. Learn about how to leverage the moment of tax-time into year-round services and how to start to offer other financial services, like financial education and coaching. Bring your experiences of “adding on” other services at tax-time and throughout the year and innovative partnership that add capacity to your program.

  • Building programs for clients, by clients – Clients or potential clients are an important source of information when designing programs and marketing efforts. This is especially important when designing financial education efforts, which can struggle with attendance or moving from education to behavior change. Learn about how to take a client-centered approach to program design that leads to better outcomes. Share your experiences bringing clients or their stories into your work. PRESENTATION

  • Using Coaching Skills to Spark Behavioral Change – Financial coaching has shown to be very effective in helping clients to meet their goals. Starting a financial coaching program can take significant time and resources, but there are still ways to integrate financial coaching skills into your existing work with clients. Whether you have no experience with coaching or are at a more advanced level, this hands-on workshop will expand your coaching skills and provide insights on how to best use with clients.